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「RYUICHI ASHIZAWA Architects & Associates」

 10,000円(税、送料別) 上製本 B5変型( H257mm x W198mm x D47mm)/625頁/オールカラー
 10,000 JPY ( tax not included ) / Hardcover Book / H257mm x W198mm x D47mm / 625 pages / All Color

 ※Idea Booksにて紹介されています。The book has been featured on the website .

当事務所の初の作品集「RYUICHI ASHIZAWA Architects & Associates」が、NEMO FACTORYより出版されました。初期のインスタレーション、インテリアや家具から、近作から抜粋した55のプロジェクトを掲載した日本語、英語併記の全625頁のカラー版となります。RAAのこれまでの主要な作品の履歴がわかる本となっています。


Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates' (RAA) collection of works has been published by Nemo Factory. The book consist of 625 color pages, in Japanese as well as English. Inside are 55 projects spanning from early to latest works, ranging from architecture, interior design, to furniture design. It is a book that presents RAA's history and major works so far.

If you would like to purchase the book, please contact us by filling the form below. Include the number of books you would like to purchase, your name, address and so on. We will contact you with the total cost, including shipping fee and payment method.

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芦澤竜一建築設計事務所 RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates
〒530-0015 大阪市北区中崎西1-1-4 中島ビル3F
Nakajima-BLD.3F,1-1-4 Nakazaki-nishi, Kita-ku OSAKA, 530-0015,JAPAN
TEL : 06-6485-2017 FAX : 06-6485-2033
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